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Welcome to my channel. How did you get here? I don't know. As you can see this channel is called "King Kiri Random Stuff", which means everything here is somehow random. This is all because I don't know what I'm good at so I'm just testing some things out. Maybe someday I'll know what I want but for now, it's just a mix out of some things. I hope you enjoy it anyway and subscribe. Oh and also my upload times are random. Have fun looking around! Content on my channel right now: -F4F ASMR roleplays (Or as I like to call it: GAYsmr) -F4A ASMR roleplays (For everyone to enjoy, regardless of gender) -Lol my outtakes bc I suck at recording -Q&Gays for those of you who wanna get to know me more -Some random "animated stuff" -(Toddlers and tiaras) edits E-Mail:

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The Two Pharaohs | Chapter 1: The Beginning [big collab] [FFFM4F]

The Two Pharaohs | Chapter 1: The Beginning [big collab] [FFFM4F]

King Kiri Random Stuff
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