S&box Is Now GMod 2



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In this video, I mess around with the new addons in Garry's Mod 2 I mean S&box. S&box is a game created by Facepunch which is also created by Garry Newman. Try your luck at the dev torture service: 🤍asset.party/get/developer/preview

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S&box Is Now GMod 2
S&box Is Now GMod 2
S&box Is Now GMod 2
S&box Is Now GMod 2
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2023-06-11 02:23:04

How do i get it

2023-05-25 04:17:38

Did you splice in the word add ons or am i tripping

2023-05-04 07:35:33


2023-03-10 15:44:33

I do wonder if this new sandbox game will either be pay to play or free to play

2023-02-21 03:23:11

I love the little memes thrown throughout your video. You got my respect and a sub 😂

2023-01-25 23:54:21

S&box has visuals, but gmod has personality

2023-01-24 04:52:14

S&ThirdAct looks strange 🤔

2023-01-10 06:27:39

I hope they retain the physgun model.

2023-01-10 03:53:37

Wait a new game made by thee John Garry Mod?

2023-01-09 13:10:58

npc model is like a human rabbids lol

2023-01-06 21:55:28

Hopefully Valve gives Garry the super-duper-mega-ultra-top-secret Half-Life 3 models soon so that he can implement them into S&box at launch. I don't wanna play as Fanboy & Chum-Chum characters.

2023-01-06 21:24:09

portal fans: new game to make a portal gun mod

2022-12-31 00:53:40

In my opinion, I still like GMod better, but I am still excited for what this game has to offer in the future.

2022-12-29 21:47:16

these hl2 models are for almost 3 years. couple days after release of HLA, some guy ported to S2 some hl2 gamebanana weapons. You could use them 3 years ago and they were more workable in HLA then here in this crap what garry is trying to do. (i mean escaping from HL universe with a mod which base is this world)

2022-12-29 12:35:51

FqHnhSWV2Rw&t=6m33s 6:33

"lets play some SaNdBoX!"

2022-12-25 03:49:13

Gmod will never be gmod without being gmod

2022-12-21 10:46:21

So when will we finally get to play it? I'ma. Dev and can't get a dev key 😤

2022-12-20 18:48:38

This is the first time I heard of this game it looks very good

2022-12-18 03:33:37

FqHnhSWV2Rw&t=4m23s 4:23 he wants a cupcake give him 1. please he needs it. PLEASE HE NEEDS A CUPCAKE NOWW!!!

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