Meet me at NL corner...unless you're chicken (F-ZERO 99)



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F-ZERO 99 is available now on Nintendo Switch Online! This video came from my stream on September 15th, 2023. Catch me live from 9AM-2PM PT every weekday here: 🤍 If you enjoyed the video, please consider hitting the Like button. It helps me out a lot! - Subscribe: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 -

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Meet me at NL corner...unless you're chicken (F-ZERO 99)
Meet me at NL corner...unless you're chicken (F-ZERO 99)
Meet me at NL corner...unless you're chicken (F-ZERO 99)
Meet me at NL corner...unless you're chicken (F-ZERO 99)
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2023-09-21 13:27:26

No has amazing strats in this game, in first place and wasting HP to boost into a wall. Wow.

2023-09-20 06:38:34

this is wild because NL is racing another one of my favorite streamers in this video and they're neck and neck. small world i suppose

Christopher Boone
2023-09-19 19:33:09

This is dope content NL my guy

Captain Alex
2023-09-19 17:28:30

lol rigan bogan

2023-09-19 16:59:00

Anime character when they about to go insane typa thumbnail

Yuliana TV
2023-09-19 15:26:52

"The same way you'd pit manouver someone in Project Gotham Racing" SHUT UP.

2023-09-19 12:09:09

was just telling my mom theres no hangout places anymore a few days ago lol, no comfy go to spots where you socialize with other people

Just a guy
2023-09-19 10:58:55

This game is more goated than it has any right to be.

2023-09-19 08:07:45

You're a good dad, NL.

2023-09-19 07:45:17

Fat Shark

Michael Cordeiro
2023-09-19 07:38:11

The bitrate has nl looking like a scrambled egg

2023-09-19 05:34:10

"You die like an X-Wing pilot" is a great bit. Loving this series.

2023-09-19 04:37:50

Watching nl give up position voluntarily first place, 30% last lap remaining made me scream at the tv

2023-09-19 04:13:07

peak content

Donovan Mahan
2023-09-19 04:05:09

Imagine thinking you are about to finish a race, using up all your power, and then someone drops in from the skyway and wrecks your car. I'd hate to be that guy.

Artie Blake
2023-09-19 04:00:17

I found myself praying for the skyway... the evils of f-zero were all around me

2023-09-19 03:56:20

Now THIS is pod racing

Joe Blow Goes
2023-09-19 03:46:08

That first race, absolutely exquisite

2023-09-19 02:56:14

Youre really fucking good at this game lol holy shit. We got a natural!

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