Garry's Mod 2: Coming in 2023...

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➦ It has been almost twenty years since the initial release of Garry's Mod (GMOD). It is now time for a new step into the world culminated so impressively by Garry Newman himself, with this new sequel 's&box' being set to release in 2023. This is the first massive title from Facepunch since the drop of Rust, and it definitely has potential to be up there in the ranks with it, if not better than it and Garry's Mod. #gmod #garrysmod #gmod2 #garrysmod2 #s&box 𝐂𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐬: • 🤍RautaPalli • 🤍gamingelders • 🤍goxy287 • 🤍RichardArcuri • 🤍4AMSession • 🤍PJxDUNN • 🤍TMGeekRUST • 🤍Milijevic • 🤍MrMarshGames • 🤍sboxmultiplayer4506 • 🤍noclick • 🤍sugmagaming • 🤍lifeofagamer9071 • 🤍Cyrphex • 🤍GamerHexYT • 🤍SmallFishDev • 🤍matthewzegar • 🤍Eridium77 • 🤍eagleonedevelopmentteam849 • 🤍Remainings • 🤍UnitedG • 🤍CarsonKompon • 🤍SadlyItsBradley • 🤍paddymazz • 🤍stellarr1 • 🤍FlizeStorm gmod, gmod realism, gmod realism mods, gmod extreme graphics, gmod nextbot, gmod npc camera, gmod 4k, gmod fnaf, gmod idiot box, gmod trolling, gmod skibidi bop toilet mod, gmod death sound, gmod animation, gmod arg, garry's mod, garry's mod mobile, garry's mod vr, garry's mod fnaf, garry's mod 2, garry's mod rp, garry's mod iceberg, garry's mod dance, garry's mod realism, garry's mod nextbot, garry's mod maps, garry's mod scp, garry's mod horror, garry's mod 2023, s&box, s&box vr, s&box realism, s&box source 2, s&box vs gmod, s&box download, s&box gameplay, s&box release date, s&box dark rp, s&box tf2, s&box news, s&box ttt, s&box tutorial, s&box how to get, facepunch, facepunch new game, rust, rust gameplay, rust console, rust clips, rust movie

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Garry's Mod 2: Coming in 2023...
Garry's Mod 2: Coming in 2023...
Garry's Mod 2: Coming in 2023...
Garry's Mod 2: Coming in 2023...
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2023-12-04 19:59:01

nah im actually sure that most gmod players will just say that its a copy and not even try buying it and most of the players will be there because it looks like roblox

2023-12-02 07:24:03

maybe nah

2023-11-30 05:51:04

bro theres garrys mod 12 was a thing years ago so your basically saying that garrys mod is downgradeimg

2023-11-11 06:16:58

Now I hope this Gmod is free.

2023-11-11 02:32:40

Games going to be super good but don't glorify the developers. The developers are toxic and promote hate on their discord, been mentioned multiple times.

2023-11-07 12:36:22

whats the name of the game gonna be?

2023-11-02 13:40:15

bro i was watching your video, thinking you have like 1-4M subscribers...... 2k........ the hell?
You got better quality than alot of people above you. keep it up buddy

2023-11-01 04:14:17

Wait a second wait a second wait a second hold up did you just like mention very very briefly that it costs a monthly payment? You don't literally have to slob Facepunch's knob! I mean fuck that! Nobody likes that!

2023-10-26 22:38:56

So is it worth to buy original Gmod rn?

2023-10-26 01:07:56

so its basically just a more open and adult friendly roblox

2023-10-18 23:06:38

Pretty sure Rust was before Day Z

2023-10-11 02:59:27

Garrys mod leaving the source engine just wouldnt be garry's mod

2023-10-10 18:41:22

gmod can look just s good also prgramming a car is much easier said than done believe me lua is scary but the source spagheti yea no im aint messing with that

2023-10-08 18:53:53

there will never be a Gmod 2. Its a SANDBOX game. Unless its for the source 2 engine.

2023-10-08 02:22:14

I'd rather just have gmod updated to source 2

2023-10-07 01:38:25

This new game better be a visual overhaul and gameplay enhancement without losing the soul of Gmod. With full freedom and a sandbox create your imagination kind of thing

2023-10-06 01:59:25

DO we know if the Source Engine 2 editor inside of s&box can be worked with other people, like a collab

2023-10-03 17:30:54

Where did you see it was coming out in 2023? It has no confirmed release date.

2023-10-03 05:05:21

I don't like S&BOX AVATAR... It looks terrible animation model...😅 The default garry's mod avatar is better than S&BOX 😎

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