F4F | Curt Landry Rosh Hashanah Bogosity

Fighting for the Faith

Fighting for the Faith

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F4F | Curt Landry Rosh Hashanah Bogosity
F4F | Curt Landry Rosh Hashanah Bogosity
F4F | Curt Landry Rosh Hashanah Bogosity
F4F | Curt Landry Rosh Hashanah Bogosity
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2023-11-19 14:38:33

He’s right. It’s not a denomination it’s a kingdom, and they will do it in the way god prescribed. But he forgot to mention that he himself is god and king and he had a conversation with his own heart for the revelation. . .the human heart is always deceptive.

2023-11-07 00:38:50

I was part of a messianic congregation for 9 yrs until 2 1/2 yrs ago. The issue of the “new year” was always a conflict for me.

2023-11-01 17:45:25

Chris as a speaker of Pentecostal languages I can tell you for certain that what he said there was I went and bought a Kia should have bought a Honda😅

2023-10-25 21:51:50

Did any of these “prophets” mention the Israeli massacre and war with Hamas? Seems like that would be important.
I see they’re jumping on the bandwagon now.

2023-10-24 11:26:11

so baically lying yes I agree with this man on this one thing there will be basic hings like basically lying yupp no actual lying so, I don't agree with this guy,after listening to chuck pierce the brain cells go haywire for a bit

2023-10-24 11:22:55

the remnant is 144,000 jews in the end time 12,000 from the 12 tribes reading is a good thing espesially when your reading the innerant Word Of God the Bible

2023-10-24 11:20:46

ahh what does that even mean really wow pearls of knowledge with this guy fake pearls but who cares right church

2023-10-24 11:19:17

great teaching thier of lies lol

2023-10-24 11:18:46

so lie

2023-10-24 11:17:54

has anyone ever hear chuck share the Gospel ever?

2023-10-24 11:17:18

anywhere chuck pierce is not is a better place especially if he does not stop putting words in the mouth of YHWHY when we all stand before Him and give a account God remembers the nonsencical things chuckyyy boy is lying whenever ahis mouth is moving

2023-10-24 11:13:14

and Israel didn't get a knew word of the year how did that come to be a thing its not in the BIBLE anywhere the majority of the church has flown south for the winter, not a prophecy lol

2023-10-24 11:09:52

Chris Mic drop Chris you crack me up, the messanic Rabbi who taught me always said chapther avd verse please and context context you guys would have been buds for sure

2023-10-24 10:56:44


2023-10-24 10:56:35

month of nisan

2023-10-24 10:55:34

did chuck actually blw air from his mouth after that riveting non prophecy

2023-10-24 10:43:18

dude chuck you spewin something that does not smell good diariea pepside works really well

2023-10-24 10:40:02

Listen at your own risk

2023-10-24 10:39:36

ahh that looks like a 60's party are they partaking any mind altering substances Chuckyyyyy people don't drink the punch hazadise to your Spiritual health it is flamible like lake and fire flamamble you've been warned

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