[F4F] A White-Haired Knight Saves You from Falling? [Spin-off][Backstory][Monologue][Wholesome]



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Hii hiii everyone~ I told you it wasn’t the end of Moon’s story~ Think of it as an apology for the Moon kinnies~ I may have done a bad job with her other side story but then again it was just an AU or rather a little experiment that I wanted to try out. But this time, we’re back to the original universe~ Hooray~ For now, let’s take a blast from the past and see how the Sun and Moon met shall we?~ *wink 2x* Hopefully you guys will enjoy this series as well~ Take care and stay safe always everyone~ For anyone who would like to join our community discord server here’s the link~ I hope you enjoy your stay~ 🤍discord.gg/pFmuzgKX8e Context: It is currently your first day of middle school. You were excited to start your school year with a blast. Well technically you did by oversleeping. Now you’re rushing to school just to get in time for the opening ceremony, but I don’t think time is on your side this time around. While running as fast as you can you suddenly slip and are about to hit the concrete floor when someone saves you…. A white knight? Wait no. Someone who has white hair? Character from: 🤍picrew.me/image_maker/26462 Background from: 🤍wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=1056614 Sounds: 🤍freesound.org/ 🤍🤍zapsplat.com/ 🤍pixabay.com/ 🤍🤍fesliyanstudios.com/ 🤍quicksounds.com/

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[F4F] A White-Haired Knight Saves You from Falling? [Spin-off][Backstory][Monologue][Wholesome]
[F4F] A White-Haired Knight Saves You from Falling? [Spin-off][Backstory][Monologue][Wholesome]
[F4F] A White-Haired Knight Saves You from Falling? [Spin-off][Backstory][Monologue][Wholesome]
[F4F] A White-Haired Knight Saves You from Falling? [Spin-off][Backstory][Monologue][Wholesome]
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2023-10-06 17:39:00

im late but im absolutely overjoyed to see more Sun, Moon, and Venus Content

2023-10-03 22:57:02

V :^))

2023-10-03 09:01:08

Idea!! How about making a special playlist of all of the girl listeners like little sunshine/princess? I mean, you showed us the class president in one episode. Please Aydur??? 🥺❤️🥺

2023-10-03 07:02:26

You need to make more!! ❤

2023-10-03 06:08:21

I can relate to Moon. People judged me instead of getting to know me T^T🤍

2023-10-02 20:31:36

Are we going to ignore that Sunshine loved moon from the start😭❤️

2023-10-02 20:07:49

699 views at the time in watching this 😭

2023-10-02 19:46:11

When can we call V our wife😅

2023-10-02 17:56:33


2023-10-02 16:41:24


2023-10-02 16:17:34


2023-10-02 13:41:06

Oh my fucking Goooooooood.
This made me really happy.

2023-10-02 13:39:31

MOON MY BABY MY GF MY WIFE ‼️‼️‼️ (i miss uu v 💔)

2023-10-02 13:35:25

lag5z16HZyg&t=4m50s 4:50 imagining sunshine staring at moon moonologuing (☀️ヮ☀️)

2023-10-02 13:29:30

Woahhhhh another side story 😮😮

2023-10-02 13:21:39

Am I the only one who wants to see a drawing of sun😼

2023-10-02 13:13:01

I'm here ❤❤

2023-10-02 11:54:08

Weeeeee 🐄🐄

2023-10-02 11:24:47

Should have seen this side story coming today

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